Thursday, December 20, 2007

WGA Strike

Okay, there have already been lots of posts and articles on the current writers' strike, so I'm not going into the details of it. (Here is one article that can give you a general idea about what the strike is about). You can also check out the United Hollywood blog.

As a writer, I am in full support of what the WGA is asking for for it's members. It only seems right that writers should collect on their work.

However, some of my sympathy does lie with a third party, and they're not really directly involved with the strike. The production people: The make-up artists. The hairstylists. The Wardrobe people. The sound and light techs. The set designers and builders. The....Well, you get the idea. True, the great stories and characters created by the writers are the reason there are television shows and movies. However, the people behind the scenes work just as hard putting the production together. They too depend on the residuals from the productions.

So, I hope the negotiations take a positive turn, mostly for the writers, but also for the production people who rely on the ongoing production to support themselves and their families.

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Anonymous said...

I'm one of those unfortunate "behind-the-scenes" people caught in the middle of the strike. Don't these studios and "writers" realize that they're not the only one's losing money? I have a family to support that depends on my having productions to work on.