Sunday, December 16, 2007

I'm Freeeeee!!!

While reading the Cape Cod Times this past Friday I ran across this article talking about one of my favorite shows of all-time: Are You Being Served?

I'm going to completely agree with Debbie Forman and her love for the show. The first time I saw the show was my sophomore year of high school. We were supposed to be watching a movie adaptation for a book that we had just finished in English class. The teacher brought the wrong tape. So instead, we wound up watching an episode Are You Being Served? and I was hooked ever since.

What should be understood about this show is that it was made during different times, so to some, yes, it is outdated. And being British Humor, there is a bit more sophistication to it. It's not like "SLAP! Hello I'm funny!" Some of the jokes are subtle and you need to be quick to pick it up. Now I'm not saying I got all of it right away either. But once you do, you'll keep laughing, no matter how many times you see it.

So with the writers strike in full swing, I say check your local PBS listings, settle in and get ready to laugh.

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoy the show. It's better than some of the nonsense that passes for sit-coms today.

I've noticed some popular TV shows were based on British Comedy. I found these as examples:

UK Show - American Show
Man about the house - Three's Company
Steptoe and Son - Sanford and Son
The Office - The Office
Absolutely Fabulous - High Society,

As you can see, the UK can be a wealth of ideas for American sitcoms.