Sunday, February 1, 2009

In Library News

Local Libraries Seeing More Use

With the poor state of the economy, people are spending less money on books and heading off for their local library. In an article in The Cape Cod Times, contributing writer Laurie Higgins said:

"Public libraries are no longer just quiet places where people go to check out books or study. In the past 10 years, librarians have worked hard to respond to patrons' needs, and today many libraries are vibrant community centers offering information, education, modern technology and entertainment."

It's a great thing that libraries offer these services for their communities. Unfortunately, some could face the possibility closing due to state budget cuts. Let's just hope that this doesn't happen and that these library can continue to provide a haven for the many avid readers out there who are trimming their book buying budget in these tough economic times.

Fairstein's Latest Book Involves NYC Public Library

Speaking of Libraries, Linda Fairstein's latest book Lethal Legacy will bring readers into a fascinating world: The New York Public Library's rare books and maps archives. Lethal Legacy is the eleventh book in a series featuring Manhattan sex-crimes prosecutor Alexandra Cooper.

Author Linda Fairstein touring the NYC Public Library

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